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CYCLE CHRIS team was established in Taiwan & China in 2001.   We are more experience on OEM/ODM.  We developed many products from Injection Mold, CNC, Pressing Die and Die Casting to finished products.  In past 20 years, from metal to plastic, from parts to bicycle, from steel to carbon, we successfully help clients building up lots of branded product. Meanwhile, we also invested or cooperate with China factory by joint-venture to create great design and ensure quality on series products, to synchronize with world brands.

JOYLAND/China, since 2013, is focus on Bike & E-bike, and E-Scooter with Share-Bike System. We help clients to integrate Hardware+Software, Smart Lock, iOT+MCU system, even smart system to return+power charging in one action! Sure we could produce bikes in Taiwan and East Europe.  This provide anti-dumping solution for European clients.

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About Us

- 2006 joint ventured Industrial Power Components with Welink/Dongguan

- 2012 set up TPU Tapes/Patch production line in Taiwan

- 2013 established JOYLAND China dedicated on E-Bike/E-Scooter

- 2014 announced the 1st 100% Carbon Fiber Glasses 

- 2015 invested Helmet production line in Dongguan/China

- 2016 joint venture Bag production in Hebei/China

- 2018 JOYLAND integrated E-Bike assembly line in China, Taiwan & Poland 

- 2019 integrate iOT+MCU+Smart Charging system of Share E-bike

- 2020 E-cargo Bike design + mass production

- 2021 Moped Bike(Harley style) design + mass production

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