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Frame : Alu 14'', integrated battery, custom tubing, internal routing

Fork : 14'' Steel Rigid fork

Headset : Gineyea G852, semi-integrated, 13±1mm/28.6*44*30

Stem : Youhua YH510, barbore 25.4mm, 395mm, comply w/EN Std

Grips : Wuxing 20X-HT390, integrated w/twist throttle, comply w/PAHS Std

Brakes : Ruipute DSC-310, disc brake, Rotor 140/140

Hub : XZYF Integrated F/R wheel

Cassette : DN-16T, 1/2"*1/8 "16T

Chain : X410RB, 1/2*1/8"*86L, single speed

Chainset : SWHY A101P4, 46T Alloy crank

Tyres : CST C1488 14''*2.125 black tyre

Battery : Lithium Ion 270WH 36V7.5Ah

Motor : XZYF 14'' Integrated Wheel 36V 250W

Display : Lingdong Spark2 LCD 36V PA 0-3, speed limit 25km/h

Controller : JYT YCSG170-008-36T 36V*12A

Light : F: Wuxing QD266; R: Yonlin WD-05/ connected w/lithium ion battery

Max Assisted Speed : 25km/h

Charging time : 5 hrs

Battery Distance : 25-30 KM

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